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Dirk Ostermann

  • 1995: Project Management Video Security for Well-Known Planning and Projection Offices
  • 1998: Authorized Signatory and Technical Works Management for Well-Known Manufacturers of Video-Surveillance Products for Classical Distribution
  • 2003: Founder of a Development Company for Mobile Video-Surveillance Protection on Vehicles, and Subsequent Sale of the Company to an International Product Manufacturer for Video Protection
  • 2005: European Managing Director for an International Manufacturer of Video-Surveillance Products in Complex System Applications
  • 2007: DOI, USA – Development of the US Market for a Well-Known Manufacturer in the Field of Image Recording and Transfer to Guard Headquarters
  • 2010: Focus of DOI Activities on Europe and the USA
  • 2015: Setup of B.I.C. GmbH and of the Waiting-Time-Management Concept "cleverQ"
  • 2016 Until Now: DOI Investment / Participation in the Area of Waiting-Time Management

Dirk Ostermann

With Our Entire Experience, We Work to Develop Modern and Innovative Solutions for Your Success!

The demands and needs of the customers and users are growing steadily. Thanks to modern and innovative technology, today there are already completely new solutions in the fields of video security and waiting-time management.

Each branch has its special characteristics, whether these are competition, market dynamism or simply the specialist terminology. In addition to this, each company has its own philosophies, approaches and strategies. In our 20-year career we have learned to recognize these individual characteristics, to understand them, and to implement them in a solutions-oriented manner.

Contact us. We look forward to the challenge.

// DOI Performance

  • Individual Demand Analysis
  • Development of New Markets and Winning New Customers
  • Planning and Projections
  • Strategic Development of the Business by Way of Cooperation and Networks
  • Key Account Management
  • Professional Product Presentations and Concept Presentations
  • Support for Your Customers in Their Planning and Projections
  • Product Training and Sales Training
  • Development of “Go-to-Market Strategies”
  • Concept Development and Product Development (hardware and software)
  • Project Management
  • Cross-Selling via Existing Partners

// DOI Business Areas

Video Protection

In the sphere of mobile video protection we concentrate our efforts on intelligent system solutions for the mobile sector, i.e. software and hardware for road and rail vehicles. This involves, amongst other things, mobile video protection, passenger counts, passenger information systems and fleet management, in each case with real-time transfer.

In the sphere of stationary video protection the main emphasis is on property protection and perimeter protection, and on special integral solutions. Video technology is being increasingly linked to third systems as a means of satisfying complex security requirements. We offer complete solutions, from conception to implementation. For necessary development work we make use of our network of partners with many years of experience as hardware and software developers.

Waiting-Time Management

Today, more than ever, "time is money" – and no one likes waiting for consultation, attendance or service. We have concepts and solutions for making your customers' waiting times as pleasant as possible. Whether in the retail trade, the supermarkets, travel agencies, public authorities or hospitals, we have tailored solutions that will be individually adapted to your internal processes and will at any rate create more customer and employee contentment – which in turn leads to higher turnover.

Appointment-making even when the business is not open? No problem – with our SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. Whether as a standard solution or individually adapted, the solution is at any rate one that optimizes your efficiency and customer service. You can find more information here...

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Sometimes it is difficult for us, the IT and Infrastructure experts, to prepare a quote for video security needs of our customers. DOI is a perfect partner with the video expertise to fill this gap.


Sven Weller

Technischer Außendienst Axion Technologies GmbH

DOI is supporting us to develop countries to increase our product and concept sales, plus we get important feedback from customers installing and using our products.


Matthias Skau

Geschäftsführer SHL Systems

DOI is listening to us. They solved our problems using video technology and they recommended professional partners and products. I can trust DOI 100%. Thanks to DOI I have everything under control from the manufacturer up to the installation.


Söhnke Ruser

Geschäftsführer Holz Ruser

Our customers are expecting more than just a product delivery; they want solutions. DOI is adding independent services like consulting, planning, system design and product or concept presentations to enhance our existing service.


Richard Wetzel

Vertriebsleiter & Prokurist VTIS GmbH

Below you will find a selection of DOI Network-Partners and Projects. We are doing business in the security vertical and we do respect if some of our DOI partners or customers are not allowed to be published on our homepage. For this reason we thank all other partners and customers who authorized us showing them below.

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